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Hello guys! How are you? I hope you are fine. So... I'd like to talk about my next custom contents here and make everything clear.
Well, when I started my blog, I would publish more male stuff, as I used to do in my Sims 3 blog.
What I usually do for my Sim, most of those contents is what I share with y'all.
When I started to publish my poses I saw how much views I got here and notes on Tumblr. I saw how really you all appreciate them. But I didn't see the same audience on my male stuff. There are really few views in comparison to my poses.
I won't stop to make male stuff, okay? I just won't make as I used to do: Frequently!
As I said before: I usually do for my Sim and then I share most of them with y'all. But I'm not making it anymore because I have custom content enough and the views I get when I share them doesn't motivate me to make more for share in my blog.
I like to share what most all simmers likes and what I do and most of you all like is my poses.
If you don't want follow me anymore, I'll understand. Feel free for unfollow me. I really don't fucking care!

And I hope y'all understand me too. XOXO!
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