[Pose] The Boy Selfie Pose Pack - Set 2

Hey you guys!! I'm bringing to your male sims a new set of selfie poses. You know, selfie is something so day-to-day and I confess I like to bring this realism into my game.
Well, I'm really inspired to make poses to TS4. I believe that I made more poses to TS4 than TS3. XD
Soon you'll have more poses. I hope you appreciate these poses. :)

*There are 6 poses

Pose Player

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  1. Hey, do you use reshade? If so which one? Your photos are such good qualityXD

    1. Hey you! No, it is Photoshoped. XD
      I made two layer with a sunshine effect.
      Search for how to make sunshine on Photoshop. You'll get the same effect I got in my photos. :)

  2. Hey, i'm obsessed with the beard of your sim, it's just too perfect :D and yours is too

    1. Hey you! Awwn, thank you very much! <3
      I'll publish it very soon too. I made three version: soft, medium and heavy.


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