Hey! I'm (almost) back!

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Hey you, guys! I miss y'all so much!
Well, how y'all know: I dont play TS4 as I play TS3.
I kept making stuff for TS3 but not for TS4. The reason is: I prefer to make TS3 stuff. 😁
It is easy and fast. Even in my busy time I was able to make something.
Well, now I'm playing TS4. There are two days ago I finally bought two packs to my game. Parenthood and City Living. I'm loving play TS4. HAHAHA. And I'm excited to create new stuff for TS4.
I noticed that some of my underwear are unfixed. Ahm... like it needs a mesh to show them. I'll fix it very soon. I'm in my vacation from college, so now I have free time to play and make my stuff.

Hugs! See y'all very soon with a surprise!
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