[Clothing] Billabong Boxer Tchico

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Guys, I missed y'all so much! Today I decided to publish this set of Billabong's underwear.
Ahm, I already published this set before, but I did some changes. So this is a brand new and better. Okay? And the original set has the blue and striped boxer, the old version hasn't. For this reason I decided publish a new version. Soon I'll publish the black and white version. =)
P.s: I made this set on November 30, 2015 and I'm publishing now. Forgive me for I being so lazy. XD
P.s.2: This underwear has no bulge, I use Lumia Lovers Sims bulge. If you want, you should download my fix or the underwear may be warped.

Bro, thanks for allowing me edit your mesh. =)

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Bulge fixed by me
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