[Screenshots] My first skin for TS4

OMG, guys! These days I've been working hard in my new skin. 2 days ago I went to sleep about 3:30 AM trying to make that. XD But it worthed! And I'm posting the pics now. So... this skin is my own skin on TS3, I just converted for TS4. XD I'll try make a female skin too. Well, I tried, but it wasn't as I'd, so I'll try again.

*Click on the image to view in high resolution.


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  1. Male sims deserve a bit of attention. The skin is looking very nice. I like the face. Torso and back looks good too. Looks really good on your models. Staying up late working on your own creation must be fun though. (I guess hard work too) Yeah I think it will be all worth it in the end. Just have fun with it. Good luck : )

    1. Yeah, they deserve it! XD
      Thank you, thank you! Yeah, it was funny, I was excited making that.
      Thank you! =)


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